About Julia Brainard, we know very little. American composer (some works are in the Library of Congress in Washington), she probably stayed in F :ance, in Paris, around 1870, where several of her scores were published.

The music of Julia Brainard is of romantic inspiration, full of freshness and simplicity.

Presentation of the american woman composer Julia Brainard

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Almost nothing is known about Julia Brainard. This romantic American musician probably lived in Paris where some of her compositions were published around 1865-1875. L'AGNUS DEI, published in Paris in 1871, can be sung by two solo voices as well...



Julia Brainard is one of the rare women composers of the 19th century. Some scores were published in the United States, others in France, probably during his stay in France (1865-1871?). This is the only known work written for 4 mixed voices and...



A set of 16 duets to be sung either by soloists or small choirs, from different composers and styles. Nicolas Renier : De tous les cris (S-B) Marc-Antoine Charpentier : Domine fac salvum (S-A + B.C.) Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre : Printemps (S-A...