• Jacques Berthier (1923 - 1994) is a French composer and organist, a major contributor to liturgical music of the 20th century. Son of the composer Paul Berthier (1884 - 1953), organist in Auxerre and founder of the Manécanterie des Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois, he carried out his musical training in particular with Guy de Lioncourt at the César Franck school in Paris.
  • Organist at the cathedral of Auxerre (Burgundy) then from 1961 in Paris at Saint-Ignace church, Jacques Berthier is the author of numerous profane and religious works (more than 1500 music) and is known worldwide for his collaboration (from 1955) with the community of Taizé. For it, he will write pieces for his offices, then a number of canons, litanies, verses (in multiple languages) for the international gatherings of young people organized by Taizé. Jacques Berthier has also brought to music texts by contemporary poets such as Patrice de la Tour du Pin or Didier Rimaud.
  • His music is now broadcast all over the world, recorded or published. Jacques Berthier is also recognized for his formidable qualities as an organ improviser.
Jacques Berthier biography

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This work was written for the composer's son who directed the Ensemble Vocal de Neuilly, a city very close to Paris. This "motet" (or cantata?) is  built up in different parts which follow one another thanks to the organ which plays an essential...



This work (one of the composer's rare secular pieces) is one of the last compositions by Jacques Berthier. It was written for an amateur Parisian choir on a poem by Patrice de la Tour du Pin, a friend of the composer. Jacques Berthier wanted...