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This work was written for the composer's son who directed the Ensemble Vocal de Neuilly, a city very close to Paris. This "motet" (or cantata?) is  built up in different parts which follow one another thanks to the organ which plays an essential...



How surprising is this Pater Noster! A beautiful melodic line, a dialogue between the voices and more particularly between the altis and the sopranos, an harmonic fluidity requiring precision, expressiveness and, of course, accuracy. Enjoy! More...



A 1972 work by composer Yvonne Desportes, one of the few women to have received the Prix de Rome (after Lili Boulanger, among others). This music is full of energy; simple and fluid, in all the values ​​of these terms. It demonstrates a great...



Here is a Magnificat written in 2016, simple and beautifully harmonious. Without significant vocal requirements, the expression of the text is essential. César Zumel, composer and choirmaster, was born in 1970. He lives and works in Burgos...



A harmonically rich music, without particular difficulties and filled by a luminous atmosphere. Bernard Aubin is a musician living near Lille. Choirmaster of several ensembles, including a Gregorian choir, his music has won awards in...



MeF 857 : Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villain (version B 1898). Winter, how naughty you are! There are two different versions of this Debussy composition (date april 1898) - Version A, according to the complete score MEF 857 - Version B, according to...