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What will we do, Friends In this terrible winter? Our barrels are emptied and No new wine! ... Let's go and spend the winter with our friend Grégoire; At René's, spring; Summer at Gros Lucas ... Good drinkers are never ungrateful.


Anonymous (18th Cent.)

Two short drinking songs for 2 mixed voices: the first about the duty of a water carrier along the Paris streets and who, due to his drunkenness, forgets water in favor of wine; the second celebrating what we shall do on the first day of the...



"Au Clair de la lune" has been long attributed to Lully (as specified in the edition of this arrangement by Fernand de la Tombelle) and its original text has been adapted many times (in particular the last verse deemed too dary). The melody,...



One of the rare compositions by Gabriel Fauré where he is also the author of the text. This score can be sung either as a duet of women voices / men voices, or by two equal women voices.



Esteban Salas (Esteban Salas y Castro) (1725-1803) is considered as the most representative pioneer and author of the Latin American baroque. He studies the violin, organ, counterpoint, composition and plain singing (he is a soprano) in Havana....



- O! Genty, joly verre (Dubuisson) - Combien de fois avec mon verre - Bon vin (J-B Bousset) - Profitons des bienfaits (Bodin de Boismortier) - Que ferons-nous, amis ? (Bouteiller) - Je ne veux plus dormir (Dornel) - C'est dans la saison de...



A gallant song in a dialog form (my dear lover, ...my dear mistress). Everything has been said, but this is here in a such elegant way that one can only fall in love with this piece by Joseph Bodin de Boismortier published in 1732!