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A gallant song in a dialog form (my dear lover, dear mistress). Everything has been said, but this is here in a such elegant way that one can only fall in love with this piece by Joseph Bodin de Boismortier published in 1732!



Louis-Claude Daquin is best known for his wonderful musics for organ and especially his Carols.  Only few songs that he wrote remain today. This table song (food and drink) shows how much the composers of the Baroque era also knew how to break...



Almost nothing is known about Julia Brainard. This romantic American musician probably lived in Paris where some of her compositions were published around 1865-1875. L'AGNUS DEI, published in Paris in 1871, can be sung by two solo voices as well...



A 1972 work by composer Yvonne Desportes, one of the few women to have received the Prix de Rome (after Lili Boulanger, among others). This music is full of energy; simple and fluid, in all the values ​​of these terms. It demonstrates a great...