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This short piece for 3 male voices with organ accompaniment composed by Gabriel Fauré is exceptional in more ways than one. First of all, it is a posthumous work discovered some 30 years after the death of Fauré. In addition, it was composed when...



This motet for three mixed voices (Soprano, Alto, Baritone), organ and violin ad libitum was composed in 1916 in his house in Chessy in Seine and Marne, near Paris, where André Gedalge and his wife very often came. Author of treatises on...



Here is an astonishing music by a forgotten composer concerned with the melodic line and the sound envelope. Yet André Gédalge was at the Paris Conservatory the teacher of Maurice Ravel, Darius Milhaud and George Enesco. The throbbing...



This traditional Carol alternates verses sung in unison and a 4-voice chorus. it is however possible to flexibly manage this alternation, or even to sing the whole in polyphony. More about Alexandre GUILMANT


F. de la Tombelle

This Stabat Mater Dolorosa composed between 1911-1912 and lasting 12 to 15 minutes, alternates the stanzas sung by the choir and those sung in psalmody. Fernand de la Tombelle, very sensitive to access to music for all, wrote a simple, fluid...



In line with Offenbach's operettas, this "omelet round" presents a cooking recipe that is as absurd as it is indigestible. The style is offset, cheerful and full of humor. Léo Delibes was only 23 years old when he composed L'OMELETTE A LA...



A 1972 work by composer Yvonne Desportes, one of the few women to have received the Prix de Rome (after Lili Boulanger, among others). This music is full of energy; simple and fluid, in all the values ​​of these terms. It demonstrates a great...



Voice sheet music (without piano accompaniment): MeF 318 What! Still drinking songs? Will I never hear some eating songs? About vine everywhere we celebrate glory! Nobody says a word about the vegetable garden! How charming, how...



César Franck wrote this score for a collection of Litanies to the Virgin published in 1888 and dedicated it to Our Lady of Faith (North). This dedication seems to correspond to different sanctuaries or churches in the North of France, even that...



This rare piece by Georges Bizet is a posthumous work (date of composition unknown) originally published in a collection of liturgical pieces almost 15 years after his death in 1875 (he was only 36 years old!). Composed for three equal voices of...