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A joyful Spiritual published in 1872, with a beautiful harmonic color. Moses liberating his people from Egyptian slavery and crossing the Red Sea before Pharaoh's troops were engulfed by the waters, is one of the symbols of the slave status in...


Original Spirituals

  Turn back Pharaoh’s army (1872)  Nobody knows (1874)  Did you hear my Jesus ? (1874)   Shout All Over God's Heaven (I got a robe) (1915) Were you there ? (1899/1937) Steal away (1872/1882/1915)   Swing low, sweet chariot (1874)  I’m going to do...


Present 04

In an elegant presentation folder : - O genty, joly verre (baroque drinking songs) MeF 330 - Original spirituals MEF130 - Fernand de la Tombelle : Stabat Mater MEF1722 - Two mabookmarks - One pencil eraser Gift 01 : For drinking and eating: CAD...