Seasons - Nature - Elements

Les saisons, les mois, les jours et les ans ; la nature, les arbres, les fleurs, l'eau, la terre, la mer, le vent...

The seasons, the months, days and years ; the nature, the trees, flowers, water, earth, sea, the wind...

Seasons - Nature - Elements

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What will we do, Friends In this terrible winter? Our barrels are emptied and No new wine! ... Let's go and spend the winter with our friend Grégoire; At René's, spring; Summer at Gros Lucas ... Good drinkers are never ungrateful.



The music of this song is totally baroque, even in its lyrics. Its "peasant" character is in the words and certain clumsy and almost caricatured French expressions of what was considered to speak of the countryside ("je gaussions", "dieu marcy"...



MeF 857 : Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villain (version B 1898). Winter, how naughty you are! There are two different versions of this Debussy composition (date april 1898) - Version A, according to the complete score MEF 857 - Version B, according to...



MeF 231 : Song for 2 men voices celebrating the famous Charles Baudelaire poem, Man and the Sea Free man! the sea is to thee ever dear! The sea is thy mirror, thou regardest thy soul In its mighteous waves that unendingly roll, And thy...



Here is an astonishing music by a forgotten composer concerned with the melodic line and the sound envelope. Yet André Gédalge was at the Paris Conservatory the teacher of Maurice Ravel, Darius Milhaud and George Enesco. The throbbing...



Tung by sailors and fishermen and collected from a boat captain in the Dunkirk region in the 19th century, this shanty evokes traditional herring (cod) fishing campaigns. Arranged for three male voices by Bernard Lallement, it is proposed...



This traditional sea shanty from Morbihan is constructed as an alternation between the voices of women and the voices of men. The slightly rough harmonies sometimes recall the harshness of the swell and the work of the fishermen.  Another...