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2 or 3 mixed voices

Sheet Music for 3 Mixed Voices: Soprano + Alto + Men voice 

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2-3 mixed voices

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This motet is originally written for 2 equal voices, with an organ accompaniment not required (see the score MeF 1702). The version with three mixed voices was made by adapting the left hand part of the organ into a part for male voice



This drinking song is in 3 parts, including the middle part written in round. It includes several verses evoking the dread of the drinker, but also making fun of doctors and other "serious" occupatons but all also drinkers ...



How not to fall in love with this hymn composed by Fernand de la Tombelle! This composer is to be rediscovered! His music is elegant, subtle and delicate. The AVE VERUM met with great success at the beginning of the 20th century and remains...



What will we do, Friends In this terrible winter? Our barrels are emptied and No new wine! ... Let's go and spend the winter with our friend Grégoire; At René's, spring; Summer at Gros Lucas ... Good drinkers are never ungrateful.


Anonymous (18th Cent.)

Two short drinking songs for 2 mixed voices: the first about the duty of a water carrier along the Paris streets and who, due to his drunkenness, forgets water in favor of wine; the second celebrating what we shall do on the first day of the...



Esteban Salas (Esteban Salas y Castro) (1725-1803) is considered as the most representative pioneer and author of the Latin American baroque. He studies the violin, organ, counterpoint, composition and plain singing (he is a soprano) in Havana....