• French instrumentalist and composer and more particularly parisian, Michel DE LA BARRE (1675-1745) is considered as the founder of the French school of flute, as much by his talent as a virtuoso as by his numerous compositions.
  • Musician at the orchestra of the Royal Academy of Music, he was named in 1703 "Oboe and Musette de Poitou de la Chambre et de la Grande Écurie du Roy" at Versailles, the heart of baroque music in France.
  • Michel de la Barre dies at an advanced age leaving an important work including many collections of music for the flute (in duet or trio) but also an opera-ballet in 5 acts “the Triumph of the Arts”, a comedy-Ballet in 3 acts "la Vénitienne" and a 2-part book of Airs à Drinking (1724), from which the scores published here are extracted.
  • © Didier Chagnas

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A set of 16 duets to be sung either by soloists or small choirs, from different composers and styles. Nicolas Renier : De tous les cris (S-B) Marc-Antoine Charpentier : Domine fac salvum (S-A + B.C.) Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre : Printemps (S-A...