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A Pastoral is a musical genre that idyllically illustrates nature, shepherds and shepherdesses. The one entitled "Les Festes de l'Amour et Bachus", in a prologue and three acts, was performed in 1672. It is made up of extracts from different...



Fable by Alfred Jarry (1873-1907) in which a tin can falls in love with a lobster, finding in its way many similarities ... On a surrealistic poem, here is music that is connected to the text humorous athmosphere.



A satirical song (prohibited in its time) mocking the french king Louis the 14th and his many extra marital adventures. We quote in the song both the maids and gardeners as the noble ladies (Mme de Montespan, Mme de Soubise) and, of course, the...



Thérouanne is a city close to Saint-Omer which housed a convent of which today only a few traces remain. Monks of the abbey sometimes knew how to break certain vows ... From DU CROC, we know very little. At the same time, an editor, printer DU...



This satirical song, mocking the elegants and their clothing, was published in Italy in Venice in 1504. François-Auguste Gevaert harmonized the melody, and "actualized" in 19th century French. This score is available under the reference MeF 507...



François-Auguste GEVAERT (1828-1908) (re) composed (and transcribed) this anonymous Renaissance song, the lyrics being a translation sometimes far from the original. The original version (Italy 1504) is published under the reference MeF 506....