Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750)

  • German composer from the Baroque period, he worked as a composer, chapel master, organist in different cities, having often difficulties in recognizing his talent and in suitable working conditions. Although he did not travel outside his country, but was always interested in music from other European countries (Italy, France, Austria, etc.).
  • Remarkable improviser, decipherer and passionate transcriber with an exceptional memory, Johann-Sébastian Bach is recognized as an excellent musician (organ, harpsichord, viola) but also, as an expert in instrumental organ making.
  • Bach approached and assimilated all styles of compositions, except Opera: Concerto, Religious and secular cantatas, Oratorios, Pieces for organ, violin, cello, flute, harpsichord, etc. The richness of his catalog is due to his tremendous creative capacity and the professional obligations he had (especially in Leipzig). He died blind and isolated, only few of his musics having been published in his time.
  • Johann-Sébastian Bach remains one of the pillars of the History of Western Music.
  • © Didier Chagnas

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