Vincent d'Indy (1851 - 1931)

  • French composer, he was born and died in Paris, but kept a great attachment all his life to the Cévennes and the Ardèche, family cradle. Having received a very serious musical training he becomes the pupil and the disciple of César Franck at the Conservatory.
  • He attended the creation of Carmen by Georges Bizet and the premiere of Tétralogie by Richard Wagner in Bayreuth. Vincent d'Indy, conductor (having been timpanist) of the Pasdeloup Concerts orchestra in Paris, founded in 1894 with Charles Bordes and Alexandre Guilmant the Schola Cantorum in 1894 (rival of the Paris Conservatory). An ardent defender of order and the rigor of the "Franckist" school, he opposes sensual and flexible debussysm.
  • Although a fervent Catholic, his compositions contain few religious works. He has written several symphonies and symphonic poems, chamber music (quartets, piano sonatas, ...) and five operas.
  • Among his students are Eric Satie, Déodat de Séverac, Paul Le Flem, Arthur Honneger.

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Motet that can be sung a cappella or with accompaniment, by two soloists or in choir. An arrangement for 3 mixed voices is also available (MeF 1703) which takes up the original part of the left hand of the organ accompaniment written by...



This motet is originally written for 2 equal voices, with an organ accompaniment not required (see the score MeF 1702). The version with three mixed voices was made by adapting the left hand part of the organ into a part for male voice



A set of 16 duets to be sung either by soloists or small choirs, from different composers and styles. Nicolas Renier : De tous les cris (S-B) Marc-Antoine Charpentier : Domine fac salvum (S-A + B.C.) Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre : Printemps (S-A...



Composed in 1885, this motet (opus 22) by Vincent d'Indy serves passages from psalm 95-96: "Sing to the Lord a new song". He alternates an antiphon sung by the choir and short verses by soloists. The obligatory organ accompaniment is very clear...



This traditional song, immortalized in its time on the french television, has been harmonized in a subtle and almost instrumental way by Vincent d'Indy. The verses evoke the fishermen of Marennes, today in Charente-Maritime, region of production...



An adaptation by Vincent d'Indy of the traditional sea shanty "the thirty-first of August" which celebrates the victory and the taking by the French corsair Robert Surcouf (1773-1827) of "Kent" by the ship "La Confiance" in the Bay of Bengal,...