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(that's the drum!)

Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880)
From "la bonne d'enfant"
LIBRETTIST: Eugène Bercioux (1822-1898)
VOICES : SABar + piano

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  • While Monsieur and Madame "give themselves the kind of going to the neighbor across the street in the evening", Dorothée, the nanny, stays with the baby "an ugly kid, an 18 month old mustard, already uglier than father and mother. "
  • Dorothée has three lovers: Mr. Farfouilla the fumist ("but he is hardly pretty"), Mr. Mitouflard ("a superb man, sapper of the garrison and joker, too joker!") And finally Brin d'Amour , the dragon trumpet ("but would he take me to the town hall?"). Between misunderstandings, exits, entrances (including by the chimney), caches (in a cupboard or the cradle), returns, etc. Jacques Offenbach gives light music, all in humor and gaiety, Dorothée finally marrying the trumpet and inviting the two rejected pretenders to the wedding.
  • When the work was created in 1856, the critic for the newspaper Le Ménestrel, in his October 19 issue, noted that "it is from Offenbach, in its good days, (...); do not analyze a long burst of laughter. This piece is more buffoonish than puffing (...); it is funny! ".
  • This adaptation for choir of the final trio of the Jacques Offenbach's opera-buffa , is a kind of very humorous vocal fireworks where the voices answer each other, play the drum (rataplan, rataplan!) And even sing a lullaby ( Do do l'enfant do)!